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Student Opportunities


SABÉR offers hands-on internships for students studying economics at St. Mary’s or who are interested in the field.

Interns with the Institute will assist the director with everyday operations, including interfacing with community members seeking support, commercial revitalization, financial training, housing information, and other duties as they become available. To apply for a SABÉR internship, contact Steve Nivin.

Another internship works integrally with the St. Mary’s University Neighborhood Revitalization Project. In this internship, you will develop a quarterly newsletter that promotes revitalization efforts of the University Park Neighborhood Association (UPNA) and St. Mary’s University. The newsletter will also inform community members of the Association’s upcoming meetings and activities. Undergraduate seniors and graduate students are encouraged to apply. Learn more about the at the St. Mary’s University Neighborhood Revitalization Project at

For more information about the St. Mary’s Neighborhood Revitalization Project internship, contact:

Dianne Pipes
Executive Director, Office of University Communications
Phone: 210-431-4373
Fax: 210-431-2226

Undergraduate Research

Are you majoring in economics at St. Mary’s? Are you studying another discipline but interested in economics? Students who meet certain prerequisites have the opportunity to conduct research on the following projects:

  • Collecting and analyzing data on the Hispanic economy.
  • Developing economic indicators for regional economies
  • Developing an econometric model of the San Antonio regional economy.
  • Reporting on the creative economy, similar to the Economic Trends Monthly report.
  • Development of an input-output model of the San Antonio economy.
  • Creating a cost-of-living index for the San Antonio area.
  • Studying neighborhood revitalization and universities in economic development.

Besides providing useful economic information to the community, it is also the goal of this research to provide students the opportunity to publish a paper in an academic journal or present a paper at a professional conference.

Through a grant from AT&T, the Hispanic Chamber purchased regional economic data and software from Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. (EMSI), IMPLAN, and ESRI. IMPLAN is one of the most widely used regional input-output models for economic impact studies. ESRI is GIS software that provides some unique consumer data that will be used in market analyses and many other studies.