Economic Forecast Breakfast Presentations

At an Economic Forecast Breakfast hosted by St. Mary’s University and the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, attendees saw presentations by Keith Phillips, Ph.D., Steve Nivin, Ph.D., and Maya Halebic, M.B.A. The breakfast focused on the economic outlook for 2012 and addressed key economic indicators that will impact the business community on local, state, and national levels.

To see the presentation materials, click the images below.

2012 Outlook for the Texas Economy
Presentation by Keith Phillips, Ph.D.
2012 San Antonio Economic Forecast
Presentation by Steve Nivin, Ph.D.
A Profile of the Workforce in San Antonio MSA & Texas
Presentation by Maya Halebic, M.B.A.

December 2011 – Weekly Economic and Business Updates

The Weekly Economic & Business Update is a summary report of key economic and business data releases and reports that are issued each week. Prepared and issued by the SABÉR Research Institute, this report aims to provide current information on current economic and business indicators and market events that affect the local and regional economies.

PDFs from this month are below:

December 9 Weekly Economic and Business Update

December 16 Weekly Economic and Business Update

December 22 Weekly Economic and Business Update